Seriously, another blog?

Who am I, you ask? I am a dreamer with a scientific brain and a wandering soul. I love to write and admittedly, I think I am hilarious. Why should you care? Well, to be honest you don’t have to. But I have been lucky enough in my life to have some incredible opportunities and I would love to share them.

I started to blog when I was 20 years young and moved to China for three months to work in a herb medicine research lab. You can find my previous stories here. After that, my wonderful and somewhat off beat adventures took me to a number of amazing countries for science related endeavours. Nothing quite says “dedicated” like sleeping on the floor of an abandoned monastery in Thailand to offer rural veterinary care. Why yes, poisonous snakes and spiders could enter the building when they please, I appreciate your concern.

I am now 25 and am about to enter to amazing field of veterinary medicine. I would like this to be a place to document my experiences as I navigate the professional world and continue my somewhat naive stumbles across the globe. Join me, won’t you?